About Us

As outdoor enthusiasts, we enjoy spending our free time camping, hunting and fishing with family and friends in the great outdoors.

However, there's one catch to enjoying the incredible natural beauty of the wilderness – finding a resource for quality camping equipment.

As avid campers ourselves, we know what kind of gear you need to successfully pull off camping trips in every kind of weather - the heat of summer, the rains of spring, the brisk autumn winds, and the frigid air of winter. Each season of the year provides its own unique kind of experience for campers - but insufficient gear or the wrong kind of equipment can turn a much anticipated weekend into a miserable stay.

That's what motivated us to start Everything Outdoor Tactical - a one stop resource for top of the line camping equipment and advice for all campers, whether they are novices, intermediate, or advanced.

EOT doesn't just give you access to the best gear for each and every situation; we provide personalized care to help you assemble the exact camping gear you need for your next outdoor adventure.

We can show you exactly what you need to make it through an overnight trip, a long weekend or an extended stay in the great outdoors, from choosing the right tent to selecting your camp stove.

No more waking up shivering on the cold ground and realizing that the sleeping bag you picked up at the superstore just wasn't rated for the cold spell that rolled in that night. We help you analyze all possible conditions that might occur during your trip as well as the terrain you'll be covering. Our team will help you select the right gear to make your camping experience an enjoyable, "must-do-again!" success.

Our vision for EOT is that it will come to be the premier destination for your camping supply needs. We combined the convenience of online shopping with the benefit of a personal advisor to ensure you end up with the correct gear for every excursion. Think of us as your "camping concierge!"


Everything Outdoor Tactical